Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Getting into Embroidery

Lately I've been taking a break from quilting to enjoy some embroidery.  I find it fun sitting in front of the TV and doing my crafts.  My sewing room is in the dark cold basement, so it's nice to be part of the actual house for a change.  I signed up for a "do nice things for 5 people" challenge and decided to make them all an embroidered picture.  My first one was "Allonsy" a Dr. Who quote I made for my cousin.

The picture is of the Doctor's sonic screwdriver and the quote is a line from the 10th Doctor.
The next project kept with the Dr Who theme.  The Dalek Poetry contest for a friend from Texas.

The last project is for my brother and is a quote from The Doors song called "Roadhouse Blues".  He's a huge fan of The Doors.
Only two more to go!!!