Monday, 26 January 2015

Embroidery and Piping

I'm very proud of the embroidered chicken I made for my mom.  I'm getting better at learning how to keep my stitches from stretching the fabric.
 Although I think the chicken is totally cute... my grandmother's work still kicks it's butt!  When I was in Houston in October she ended up giving me a beautiful peacock embroidery.  This weekend I decided to turn it into a pillow for my bed.

When I bought the fabric for the pillow I had originally decided to make two borders: a small blue border and a design border. The peacock was so large though, that I decided (with my friend Ali's help) that the design border should really just be piping.... so it was time to learn how to make piping!
Here's the result!!!

I love the back fabric so much!  I have a lot extra and my plan is to make two smaller pillows out of it for my bed!