Sunday, 5 July 2015

Yellow Lab

I signed up for my first instagram swap, which was dog themed. With an instagram swap, you basically fill out a form with what you like/don't like, the organizer assigns a person to you and hands you their form.  You make them a mini quilt and receive one from a stranger.

My partner had a yellow lab and used a collage of pictures of him as my inspiration.  I knew I needed to do a yellow lab, but I didn't want to use all yellow.

I started with the background making equilateral triangles.
For the dog, I found a grey scale drawing of a dog I liked, so i printed him out.  I placed the picture in a clear page protector sleeve and drew him out with sharpies.  The darkest value I assigned blue, medium was red, and light was yellow. Once drawn out, I used a old classroom projector (I bought at an auction) and projected it on the wall.  I traced each piece out on fusible webbing, and ironed them onto the background fabric.

Once ironed down, I sewed each piece down with coordinating thread,  I quilted the piece with simple triangles.
For the back, I added a paw print as the label.  I blurred out the name (just in case).
Hope she loves it!!!