Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Bullfrog Boogie

I wanted to make my cousin Erica a quilt for her second child.  My mom had a pattern called bullfrog boogie that she was saving for when I had kids.  Since I have decided not to have children, she gave it to me to use for Erica's baby.
Here's the original pattern

The pattern is super cute.  It has bullfrogs that are dancing around the center of the quilt.

Here's my first bullfroggy block.  The pattern says to use buttons for the eyes, but I wanted a baby to get to use it.  The dark blue creates a border around the "dancing" frogs.

Here are the blocks put together to create the center of the quilt.  The center is around 40 x 40 inches.  I wanted it to be larger so that the baby can grow with it.
I started playing with different designs for borders and decided to add dragonflies to the corners.

For the center of the border I decided to use leftover frog fabric to make it colorful.  
For the quilting, I wanted the center to stand out, so I decided to go for lily pads.
I drew all the lily pads on with a pencil and traced around them several times.  Once the pads were down, I used blue thread to create water and used an echo technique.

For the borders I wanted to repeat the flower from the lily pad in the center of the quilt.
Here's the final result: