Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Birds on a wire

I signed up for a mini swap with the Ottawa Modern Quilt Guild.  The theme was modern.  I wanted to create something simple to focus on the quilting.  I decided to create birds on a wire. 
I drew out 6 birds on fusible webbing and ironed them onto fabric.  I decided to go with solids because I normally do patterns and I wanted a change.  I couldn't resist making one fancy bird though.  I cut out the birds and looked for the best placement.  For the wire, I used a clover bias tape maker (1/4 inch finished).  It was the first time I tried using it and I loved it.

Here's a close shot of the birds sewn on.  I used a straight stitch because I wanted it to be hidden.  Since it's a mini quilt I wasn't worried about fraying.
For the quilting I wanted it to look like moving clouds in the background so I decided to go with wavy lines filled randomly with paisley swirly thingys. Once done quilting I decided to try out hidden binding.  It was an easy tutorial I found online and I think it makes the piece read more like a canvas than a quilt.

Here's the finished product!