Thursday, 16 July 2015

Embroidery Projects

I finished another Instagram swap.  This time it was for the Canadian Hoop Art Swap.  You could create whatever you wanted (applique, embroidery, etc) as long as it was within a 6 inch hoop.  My partner liked animals and flowers that had a Native American feel to them.  I wanted to practice embroidery (while we finished a tv series).  I decided to make a dream catcher out of the hoop.

The design I picked was a combo of two designs: a fox and a dream catcher. 
I drew the fox in pencil and the dream catcher in water soluble pen so I could keep track.
I quickly got bored with orange, so I decided that the fox was going to be colorful.
For the dream catcher, I decided to make it as realistic as possible so you could tell what it was.
I got bored with brown.  I decided beads would look nice.  A trip to Michaels was in the works!
I really like how the beads turned out.  Next was to make feathers for the dream catcher.  I wanted to make them more whimsical to match my flashy fox.  I decided to go with Kaffe Fassett fabric.   I ironed to pieces together with fusible webbing and then cut out a feather shape.  I then stitched them together.  Hind sight... should have stitched them THEN cut them.  Oh well.
I made the string out of brown fabric.  I learned from the feathers and stitched lines 1/4 apart and then cut them out with a rotary cutter.  To attach them, I strung up a bead (this was not easy) and then hot glued it in.

Before I put the embroidery in the hoop, I painted the hoop to look like it was wrapped with leather.
Here's the finished product!
My husband then asked me to make him an embroidered rose for his linen shirt.  He's been bugging me for years and said, "you're making things for strangers but not for me <insert pouty face>"
Here's the rose I did for him.

It still needs to be washed.  Crossing fingers and toes it doesn't bleed!